Premier Inspection & Consulting, LLC


Source Inspection

These activities take place utilizing the most qualified personnel to the assignment location. It is important to note that Premier will deploy personnel indigenous to the local areas. As we do not subcontract to other companies, it is possible to retain full control of these operations from a central coordination point in Gray, Louisiana.

Coating Inspection

A complete range of coating inspection, and coatings and corrosion services, is provided through the Premier. The inspection services cover traditional paints and coatings.  This includes more complex organic coatings and linings for both onshore and offshore protection of pipe, structures and equipment, and the newly developed range of pipeline coatings, including polyethylene and polypropylene materials.

Plant Services

Premier offers a full range of in-plant services including maintenance inspection, turnaround inspection, risk-based inspection and mechanical integrity inspection.

Site Construction Inspection

More and more, Premier is deploying technical personnel to a wide variety of project sites including refineries, chemical plants, onshore facilities, offshore platform fabrication yards, etc.  Wherever possible local personnel are utilized but we also maintain and pride ourselves on a strong ex-pat workforce that is available should our clients desire that approach.

Offshore Construction Services

Premier focuses on the provision of construction management support to various offshore fabrication projects including decks, jackets, topsides, processing units, living quarters, etc.


Premier prides itself on the safety of the job and it’s employees. We have implemented a safety program and a Drug and Alcohol Policy that everyone must adhere to.




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