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Premier Inspection & Consulting LLC (PIC) is a technically oriented quality assurance company whose inspectors have extensive experience in onshore and offshore petroleum related construction.  PIC maintains a professional work force of trained inspection personnel.  PIC inspectors have performed a wide range of petroleum related quality assurance assignments and have a combined total of over 150 years of experience.  Our reputation in the industry will stems from the ability to provide the quality of personnel who will save the customer money and assure a project completed as designed.  Our personnel act in the best interest of the client to complete the project with as little manpower expenditures as possible for the QA function.


PIC employs professional personnel. Our commitment to provide experienced and qualified personnel to the energy industry when they need them will keep PIC a leader in the Quality Assurance field.  PIC employs experienced personnel who have proven themselves in the Fabrication Industry and are well rounded to resolve problems in lieu of amplifying them, experienced individuals who can anticipate potential problems and find methods to prevent problems from occurring.  PIC employs experienced individuals who know fabrication and understand the needs and requirements of their client and the fabricator, individuals knowledgeable of the Fabrication Codes and Specifications.  PIC employs individuals who understand the importance of accuracy in their work, individuals who know the importance of team work and a good attitude during the performance of their duties.  Premier also employs younger inspectors pairing them with seasoned inspectors giving them the opportunity to be trained in many areas.  Training out side the field will also continue in our office.  Premier understands the need to train younger inspectors, many qualified inspectors are nearing the retirement age and have a wealth of knowledge that we will utilize to make our company expand and grow in future years.


Premier Inspection & Consulting will service the United States, Gulf of Mexico. Premier will provide both inland and offshore services. Premier will continue to search for areas where clients require additional support. Our primary workloads relate to providing the Onshore & Offshore Energy sector with the following services.


            New Jackets, Platforms and Spars

            Modification/Repair to Jackets and Platforms

            Coding Electrical and Instrumentation

            Pipeline Services / Hydro-Testing

            Project Management

            Structural – Piping- Mechanical – E&I Visual Inspection

            Coating Visual Inspection and Coating Surveys

            Welding Procedure Preparation & Review


            Power Generation


Well Management

            P & A

            Well Maintenance

            Diagnostics & Repair

            Hurricane Restoration

            Drilling / Work Over

            Well Abandonment

Surface and Sub Sea

Coil Tubing

Wire Line


Safety & Compliance

            Safety Systems

Compliance / Auditing



Your premier project partner, Premier Inspection & Consulting, LLC an Experienced & Reliable Company.

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